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Cajon del Maipo

Synonymous with adventure and sports, the green lung of Santiago is a respite for the convulsive urban life. Put on sneakers and get ready to take an adrenaline shot by climbing its massifs, refreshing yourself in its estuaries or exploring its paleontological sites.
If your thing is more for the intimate experiences and nature, horseback riding, fly fishing and enjoy a picnic in its crystal clear pools will make you smile from ear to ear.


Sophistication of the globalized world 21 together with the most deeply rooted local traditions coexist in the central zone of Chile.
Discover Santiago, the multifaceted capital of Chile, which conquers with its parks, sports and cultural activities. Surprise yourself with its first-class gastronomic offer and live the nightlife in its many neighborhoods.


Bohemian and colorful. Valparaíso invites you to always discover a new urban setting, an interesting art gallery or a gastronomic corner, among its labyrinthine hills that have been the inspiration of poets and writers.
Captivate yourself with the crazy architecture of the World Heritage City. Walk along its narrow streets, infinite stairs, historic elevators and its multiple viewpoints. Get excited about the joy of its carnivals and spectacular show of artificial games that leave the New Year’s Parties from the sea.


At Lonco Travel, our mission is to help you experience Chile in an authentic and exciting way. Whether you’re a seasoned overseas traveller or making your ‘international debut’, our experiences offer a social and safe way to explore far-flung destinations. Our friendly, approachable staff and local guides have extensive regional knowledge and expertise and will help thrust your experience out of the realms of the ordinary.